97B2EEEA-C2D7-4BF1-B69B-1180513D0F1BWe have some big plans ahead!

We are planning on featuring web artists, character spotlights, and rolling out some mini comics for everyone to access. While it’s still early, we want to be sure that we are only providing high quality content which means that, while we have a very strict schedule we wish to keep, there may be some delays that cause our content to be late. Obviously this is not something we want to happen, but subscribing to our mailing list is the fastest way to receive these updates.

Barbarous – September 25th, 2020

After the world has been ravaged by a war between gods and monsters, life and death is decided by how well you can wield a blade. After making his escape from Hell, the half titan and half demon, Hellgrim, becomes a mercenary picking up jobs along his journey. He soon learns that there is more to life on Acheron than just killing to survive; he struggles to find his purpose on this new world.

Things to Look Forward To

  • Artist of the Month
  • Creature and/or Character Spotlight
  • Interview w/ Kazrig (our primary comic artist/developer)
  • Comic Review – Billi Fig’s outside perspective, new to the comic world
  • A series of mini comics released once a month
  • Growing Web Forum/Community


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