Comic Review: Northlanders Plague Widow

Author: Brain Wood, Illustrator: Leandro Fernández

Taking place in a small town over 1000 years ago, a plague strikes the population and the first signs of illness is a death sentence. A man approaches the town elders with a crazy theory to save the townspeople – expel all those with the plague and seal the gates, preventing any one else from getting sick. The story then focuses on a widow and her child, who have to survive a long winter with no man to protect them from the brutes who control the town.

This story is a realistic fiction at what life was like as a female widow during the viking times. It’s a straight-forward look at the trials that she goes through and, while (SPOILER ALERT) the bad guys lose and the town is freed from the grips of a tyrant, this woman still isn’t safe and is forced to leave the town.

This is a fair choice as an introduction to the comic realm. The panels flowed freely and was easy to read. While I haven’t read many comics (yet), those that I have can sometimes be challenging to keep track of. Each panel retains enough information to understand the plot and each chapter is broken up into full pages of more detailed work.

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