Forge Lord


HeightUp to 60’ tall
Weight4 tons
General Description– Appearance is slug like with nubs for feet that can elongate into tentacles.
– Pale white with bioluminescent markings that run along its back and up to its “head”.
– Head consists of an eye and is hidden behind a face-like “mask”.


Before gaining his place in the forge, Janathar survived off the nutrients of the dead or dying near a pit of hell. He was later found by Secundis, the former King of Hell, who installed him to rule the forge and run it as he saw fit only as long as the agreed upon quota was met. Using his knowledge of the Ichor of Life, he bred the Kyr Forge Demons into existence through extensive trial and error. Janathar came to rule the demon forges using these demons to speed up his work and would occasionally eat those that he deemed unmotivated.

After the war, Xereon chose to allow Janathar to survive and maintain his role in the forge because of his extensive knowledge and tools at his disposal. Xereon later commissioned him to design The Accelerator to age his son, Hellgrim, to begin his training as ”hell’s greatest weapon”.

Since then, Janathar keeps to himself and remains locked up in the forge due to him distrust of others. 

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