HeightAverage 4’
General DescriptionLarge nose, stocky, gopher-like

The Dwaug Species

This sentient mammal primarily lives in the under-ways mining and foraging, away from the reach of the Celestials. They are highly skilled artisans and are known for creating the Artisan Masks and the Dwaug War Golem.

Some tribes choose to live close to the surface and rely on heavy rains to dislodge bones or lost items that they can used for trade while others live near the coastal waters hunting for food or searching for lost trinkets. The dwaug culture is focused solely on Dwaug Corp, which acts as both the exploratory force and military force. Each dwaug begins in the Corp, slowly rising through the ranks as they gain experience.

For the most part, the tribes live separately from one another but will attend The Meeting of Hobs once a year.

The Meeting of Hobs is a week long event where the tribal leaders convene in Draugvuan, a hidden and holy city, to establish plans and regulations to ensure the protection and survival of their species.

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