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Overseer Demons

Overseer Demons

General Description

These monstrous demons can weigh in as much as 15 tons at 120ft. They can have many different colors, but they all share a blue luminescence that is displayed on their limbs. Overseer demons are the evolved and sentient form of gurud demons.

Young overseer demons seclude themselves so they can gain strength and power. Sometimes, they will form packs from dire gurud that swarm the hellscape. Centuries later, they are considered Arch Magis from demon kind, as they have grown in such strength and magical prowess. In common tongue, they are called Dragul.

Sigil Craft

Overseer demons created and perfected their own form of spell casting called Sigil craft. It is derived from the innate magic in these demons and is recognized at a young age in a burst of raw power. Sigil craft forces this power into a fine point through the use of the sigil craft alphabet and with the right combination of letters, it can unleash hell upon those unlucky enough to come across these sentient beings. Without absolute perfection when performing these spells, the blowback on the caster could be catastrophic. Masters of the craft created a shorthand that speeds up the process to deliver the magical blow onto their enemies.


For centuries, the overseers ruled hell, each carving out a territory and they managed to keep the peace amongst themselves. Secundis the Immortal changed that by hunting the Overseer demons, taking control of hell. His subordinates, the Elite Caste, nearly wiped them out. Those that survived this purge went into hiding.

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Xereon the Betrayer King

Class: Demon Overseer

stocky, blue hair,
grey-colored skin
Rank: King of Hell
Master of Sigilcraft
(spells derived
from symbols)


In the pits of Hell, Xereon crawled up through the ranks of demon kind through lies and subterfuge.

Over 100 years ago the Celestial War broke out, Xereon formed his own private army of the Ashier caste demons (house-less demons). He offered those who were most loyal to Secundis, the current king of hell, his services in return for higher caste recognition. He betrayed both the Titan and Demon clans by pulling his army out of the final battle; the total desecration of the Demon clans allowed him the opportunity to seize the throne and rule hell as it’s King.

About Overseers (demon race)

One of the more powerful races due to their physical strength and sheer intelligence. Overseer’s created the magic called Sigilcraft (spells derived from symbols) to obtain more power. Xereon became the first to be able to alter himself to a weaker bi-pedal form to reach of top. Believed to be a threat, the Elite caste hunted the Overseer’s before the Celestial War and were close to eliminating them.


Met Hellgrim’s mother, Valeria, Queen of Titans, in the early stages of the Celestial War by saving her on the battleground. Eventually she bore a child whom he cut out of her womb and returned to hell with him. The child, Hellgrim, was placed in a bio-machine built by Jnathar to accelerate aging so he could begin molding him into Hell’s Greatest Weapon. Once Hellgrim escaped hell, Xereon allowed him to remain on Acheron to study. He currently remains in Hell breeding engines of war to eradicate all life on lesser plains.


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