Overseer Demons

Overseer Demons General Description These monstrous demons can weigh in as much as 15 tons at 120ft. They can have many different colors, but they all share a blue luminescence […]


Forge Lord Janathar Height Up to 60’ tall Weight 4 tons General Description – Appearance is slug like with nubs for feet that can elongate into tentacles.– Pale white with […]

Northlanders: The Plague Widow

Comic Review: Northlanders Plague Widow Author: Brain Wood, Illustrator: Leandro Fernández Taking place in a small town over 1000 years ago, a plague strikes the population and the first signs of […]


Byglans Height: 3’-4’ Weight: 45-100lbs Habitat: Forest/Plains Identification: Spherical, bowed legs, long arms Byglan’s are extremely aggressive pack animals that roam around Acheron causing mayhem in their midst. These nomadic […]

Update – What’s Coming?

We have some big plans ahead! We are planning on featuring web artists, character spotlights, and rolling out some mini comics for everyone to access. While it’s still early, we […]

Xereon the Betrayer King

History In the pits of Hell, Xereon crawled up through the ranks of demon kind through lies and subterfuge. Over 100 years ago the Celestial War broke out, Xereon formed […]